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Mathieson Costa Brava 01
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Artist Focus: Mathieu Nab
Mathieu Nab is a sculptor from the Netherlands and is known for his monumental work sculptured from wood and marble. Form, mass and space determine his work. He studied sculpture at the National Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam.
Sculpture Portrait
Nab Portrait Content Sizing
Left: Sculpture 'Tete' (2012). Photo courtesy of Shapiro Auctioneers, Right: Portrait of Mathieu Nab
Nab’s work is close to nature. The shapes of his sculptures can often be traced back to the human form, mostly standing female figures or heads. These are not necessarily male or female, but neutral and timeless. For him, abstracting is a form of omission. By polishing or blasting the stone or wood, the image acquires colour and structure.
Balmoral Landscape 2
Balmoral Residence, Photography by Nicholas Watt
Balmoral Landscape 1
Balmoral Residence, Photography by Nicholas Watt
Nab's sculpture 'Tete' was sourced through Christian Liaigre (Paris) for our Balmoral Residence project. The sculpture, standing at 185cm tall is carved from azobé, a very strong hardwood species that is mainly used for heavy hydraulic structures, with a black finish. Nab wants his audience to experience his sculptures, not to explain or understand them with interpretations and verbal meanings.
Photography by Nicholas Watt