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Mathieson Architects
201/105 Reservoir Street
Surry Hills
NSW 2010 Australia
Mathieson Our World Milan 17
Designing Connections: Reflections on Milan Design Week
Milan’s annual design week offers a unique opportunity to connect with the global design community and immerse oneself in a rich cultural tapestry. This immersion isn't just about observing; it's about forging meaningful connections and infusing diverse thoughts into our creative processes.

Our work, tailored to each client, site, and brief, strives to balance precision with aesthetics. Through subtle design details or innovative planning arrangements, we aim to share something unique and appealing. This pursuit of elegance and innovation is inspired by our experiences and observations during our travels.

Travel is our greatest source of inspiration, providing practical insights into architecture, interior design, and hospitality. We draw from the ways people live, arrange spaces, use materials, greet guests, light environments, display art, and more. These experiences are not abstract; they are deeply practical and directly influence our work.

For instance, a beautifully detailed balustrade at Fondazione Prada may inform the resolution of a client’s concern in Australia. Conversations with owners of generationally owned tapware manufacturers reveal values and processes that inspire our product choices, impacting the world in tangible ways. A shared negroni overlooking the Duomo, served in exquisite glassware, becomes a moment to catalogue and later introduce to a hotelier client.

Milan provides the perfect backdrop for reflecting, engaging in meaningful conversations, and exploring new ideas. This city's vibrant design scene continuously inspires us, enriching our work with global perspectives and innovative solutions.
Mathieson Our World Milan 16
Mathieson Our World Milan 15
Textures of Milano
Mathieson Our World Milan 09
Camparino in Galleria
Mathieson Our World Milan 06
Mathieson Our World Milan 05
Mathieson Our World Milan 04
We Are Ona culinary experience by Mark Borthwick and Laura Floor
Mathieson Our World Milan 12
FORMAT Aluminium Furniture by Seoul-based Niceworkshop
“Milan Design Week was an incredible learning experience. The cultural insights and inspirations we gathered there are invaluable, guiding our creativity and helping us refine our work.”
Mathieson Our World Milan 13
Milan's hidden Renaissance courtyards
Mathieson Our World Milan 14
Exploring Salone del Mobile
Mathieson Our World Milan 10
Mathieson Our World Milan 11
Fondazione Prada by Herzog & de Meuron and Rem Koolhaas/OMA
Words by Ariel Ophir-Verheyden