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Mathieson Costa Brava 01
Mathieson Architects
201/105 Reservoir Street
Surry Hills
NSW 2010 Australia
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Australian Financial Review features Kurraba Penthouse
AFR Design Editor, Stephen Todd, recently visited our latest project Kurraba Penthouse for a feature in the Australian Financial Review. His piece eloquently captures the harmonious interplay of materials and the captivating play of light that defines each room as well as delving into the collaboration with Liaigre and Artbank. The words give further insight into our design philosophy and the subtle luxury of this project.
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Silk rugs, hand-knotted in Nepal, reflect the dazzling Sydney light.
“The curved glass floor-to-ceiling walls are slid wide open, the breeze ripples across ultra-fine linen drapery, a ferry casts gentle waves of foam in its wake as it beetles over to Neutral Bay, just below.”
Stephen Todd
Kaye 2549 Lr
Pivoting oak doors allow the dining room – with its customised 12-seat dining table – to be partially or fully divided from the kitchen area.
In response to how the interior design brands pieces were implimented in the Australian context, Christophe Caillaud, chief executive and president of Liaigre, is quoted “If we [...] had simply provided furniture and fittings, we’d probably have misjudged local factors like air quality and light. Sydney’s sunlight is so spectacularly different to that of Paris.”
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Architect Philip Mathieson in the upstairs hallway, which is adorned with premium artworks by the likes of Marion Borgelt.
“Rich silk rugs – in an oyster shell shade, say, or dreamy deep aubergine – seem to glimmer in the afternoon spring sunlight on the day I visit.”
Stephen Todd
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View through the primiary suite framed by oak clad doors.
Read the full story in the online edition.
Photography by Timothy Kaye
Excerpts from AFR story by Stephen Todd